the ability to
adapt to change

Welcome to AQ Strategy

We are a collective of restless minds, believers in the power to grow businesses through creative transformation. We help our eclectic clientele make the most out of a changing world and achieve sustainable growth.

We stand apart by combining an unparalleled experience in the field, total immersion in the zeitgeist, privileged access to top talent, unique ecosystem-building skills, advanced toolkits, digital transformation leadership and a 100% bespoke philosophy.

Welcome to an exciting world where change is not anymore a threat, but your most precious ally. Welcome to a partnership that guarantees that we are partners for growth, always agile, future-ready and ahead of the game.

Adapt to thrive.

Yiannis Tsakalos, Founder & CEO
adapt to


What does AQ stand for

Practically everyone is familiar with IQ, the Intelligence Quotient, while most people are also familiar with EQ, the Emotional Quotient. These are the measures of conventional and emotional intelligence respectively. Naturally, both are important. Perceptual and cognitive skills and the capability to deal with one’s own emotions and those of others are prerequisites for a good performance.

However, they are not sufficient for success in a world that changes exponentially fast. In fact, the strongest predictor of success is the ability to meaningfully respond to change. Meet AQ – the Adaptability Quotient, or the measure of Adaptive Intelligence.

A transformative philosophy

We are immersed in a world of change. Globalization, tech disruption and information overabundance are putting immense pressure on individuals and organizations alike. What may have worked in the past, will not necessarily work from now on.

Tourism & Hospitality are no exception. In fact, the extent of changes expected in the next 5 years (due to AI, machine learning and big data) will be bigger than those experienced in the last 50. Those who realize this and ride the wave of change in time, will reap the benefits.This is why it is vital to change before being forced to do so by the world around you.

There is a common misconception that transformation relates primarily to the adoption of new tech, but in its core it involves people, mentalities and organizational behaviors. And any change in the organizational infrastructure is insufficient without cultural change.

We know what the winners of the future will look like. Advanced situational awareness, ecosystem mentality and a clear sense of purpose will set them apart. Evolving stakeholder needs combined with focused brand-building will guide their strategies. Agility and fast responsiveness will mark their decision-making. And smart use of tech and innovation will govern their actions. For all these to take place, for meaningful business development in a changing world, a true transformative philosophy will have to take hold. As we see ourselves as a change agent, this lies at the very core of what we stand for.

AQ Strategy

We are a future-facing bespoke Strategic Marketing Firm, operating within the broader domain of Hospitality & Tourism and the Experience Economy.

The times we live in demand a different kind of philosophy and service delivery. The reason we exist is our belief in the power to make the most out of change. Where most may see menacing disruption, risk and chaos, we see immense opportunities to leap ahead in the game, achieve sustainable growth and safeguard prosperity for years upon years.

This is because we live and breathe transformation and feel at home in big challenges. We already live in the future, though grounded solidly at the present. We believe in the power of well-tuned ecosystems, interconnected agents that can work miracles when properly aligned and, crucially enough, we have the means to make this work.

We partner-up with ambitious businesses, helping them to successfully navigate the challenging waters of global change. Through our services, our Clients come out transformed, resilient, future-proofed and thriving.

adapt to

What we do

Our Business Pillars

  • Business Development

    We excel by connecting all the proper dots in the proper way. We bring to the table a deep understanding of the way investors as well as hoteliers & banks think and operate, accompanied with hard-gained, precious connections to the demanding sector universe.

    We assess any project irrespective of size, background and degree of complexity and we develop the requisite strategy, followed by flawless implementation. In the process, we bring together the top professionals in the market, doing what we know best: making things click and work, and making profits for all stakeholders involved. We commit to the success of the project by taking part in the investment scheme, individually or alongside other investment vehicles.

  • Strategic Advisory

    We help businesses and destinations optimally navigate strategic options and high-level decisions. We make sure that our partners manage change and are led into the next day under the most favorable conditions possible. We provide 100% bespoke consultancy at the strategic planning level and, if required, we expand into actual end-to-end execution.

    As strategic partners we work as follows:

    Analysis & Understanding: Situation / environmental analysis on the basis of a multitude of available sources, including primary & secondary research. Deep dive into the needs and DNA of the business or destination
    Strategic Planning: Defining or redefining core positioning aspects including vision and mission, and setting up concrete strategic goals to be served. 100% bespoke, ecosystem-based holistic understanding & approach
    Implementation & Roll-out: Involving top notch professionals bundled in great teams, task-oriented approach)

    Who can benefit from our services?

    Investors in the Hospitality industry, Funds or Joint Ventures, DMO’s, (Strategic Advisory to Banks & Financiers)
    Destinations (Marketing Destinations at Country, Regional or City level)
    Policymakers, Legislators, Travel & Tourism Boards and Governing Bodies active in the field (Strategic Advisory to Stakeholder Groups)
    Hotels (Strategic Advisory to Independent Hoteliers, Hotel chains irrespective of size)
    Owners of multiplayer projects in travel, tourism & hospitality involving a multitude of stakeholders (Ecosystems management, incl. hoteliers, producers, merchants, travel startups, authorities, communities, thought leaders, etc.)

  • Project Management

    We take over project management from end-to-end, assuming 100% responsibility for its successful completion on the basis of pre-agreed metrics and KPIs. We act as a hub of directional and operational excellence - by combining the best of available resources from around the Globe and tuning them accordingly.

    According to the exact needs of each project, we select, set up and manage battle-proven teams of top talent and create agile ecosystems. In this, we involve only people with attested output quality and effectiveness.

  • Rise by lifting others

    As a business, we perceive our role as something much more expansive than doing strictly business. Our wish is to act as a guiding light and a force for good, while leaving a positive footprint behind - today and tomorrow.

    This is why we are continuously involved in a series of pro bono initiatives that benefit individuals, the society at large, the environment, and the cause of sustainability. We are already strategic advisors of & while helping people and businesses according to availability.

Our values


an old
adapts to
future thinking

Why we differ

Bringing tomorrow, today

Unparalleled Experience & Knowledge

Long-standing experience, theoretical and practical, as well as excellent networking with Stakeholders Groups in Greece and abroad

Complete Zeitgeist Immersion

Constant connection to global business, societal & cultural trends and evolving techniques in the hospitality and tourism industry

World-class Talent

Privileged access to people capital with a proven track record and unique skill sets, covering every aspect required for success. We select the best in each field


Unique know-how on how to set up, orchestrate and optimize specialised, interconnected ecosystems. Automation through up-to-date tools and methods

Advanced Toolkits

Specialized toolkits, developed through the years and polished relentlessly to perfection though application

Digital Transformation Leaders

Deep knowledge of the digital world and the opportunities it presents for harnessing exponential change and creating true disruption

100% Bespoke Philosophy

Absolutely customized approaches that respect and reflect the parameters at hand. We create unique strategic plans, based on the needs that arise

Through our holistic approach, we create the conditions for adaptability, sustainable growth, embracing of digital advances and ecosystem optimization. We thus bridge the gap between tomorrow and today, creating unique application models.


What others think of us is really important

Yiannis combines three very unique traits that make him distinguish: He loves Greece and his aspiration to develop & promote the destination is innate Embodies the definition Φιλοξενία/Philoxenia Skin in the game mentality for the projects that he undertakes Our collaboration has been extremely productive thanks to these characteristics that Yiannis brings in the picture that create a special chemistry in any team that he is involved in
Orestis Adrianis
Google Greece, Industry Manager - Travel & Gaming
With mr. Tsakalos we had an extremely productive collaboration, full of creativity and effectiveness. I believe that mr. Tsakalos has an excellent knowledge of digital media and the rules that govern them. I recommend without any reservation his advice in the light of any important decision.
Victor Matsas
CEO Web Hotelier
Yiannis manages to successfully encompass two very important but distinctively different roles, those of a Visionair and a practical doer. He has deep knowledge in Tourism matters and strongly believes in proactivity as a way of action. Transparency and efficiency are two of the key pillars that follow Yiannis’s daily operations.
Costis Fronimos
Director Global Media /Sojern
We greatly appreciate our collaboration with Mr Tsakalos, as he possesses a 360° view of today’s hospitality and the ability to deep-dive into the industry and provide valuable and eye-opening insights. His significant input and unique vantage point regarding the inner workings of this field were especially beneficial to our team, in the process of the creation of our white paper series
Kostas Panagakis
Principal - Travelworks Public Relations
Restless Creative Mind. Believer of the Good. Connector. Positive Force Strategic Thinker. Game Changer. Marketing Genius. No matter how you can call him, Yiannis, is made to Adapt & Thrive and he can help you do this too as AQ Strategy has teamed up with some of the best professionals you can find.
Vasillis P Bartzokas
Founder, CEO Design Ambassador
Yiannis with firm certainty, calculated agility, and integrity, embraces your highest dream and becomes an essential part of your strategy. He is a thought-leader who supports you to inhale adaptability and breath out success. Thriving is the only choice when you work with Yiannis. I am blessed to have him by my side in the journey of unleashing every woman's potential around the world.
Elpida Kokkota
Founder & CEO
Yiannis Tsakalos is one of the many professionals I have met during the 15 years I have been involved in the tourism sector. What distinguishes him is the sharpness of thought, the constant drive for evolution and the difficult goals which he achieves with perseverance and method. And he combines all this with ethos and integrity”.
Christina Poutetsi
Journalist – Communications professional
I have known Yiannis for a long time and I had the chance to work with him. I must stay that Yiannis successfully combines a solid understanding of the hospitality industry, vast connections network and detailed knowledge of business tactics and smart entrepreneurship. He is a person with excellent strategic thinking and analytical mind and his positive attitude is a driving force for everyone in close cooperation with him. He is ambitious but at the same time humble and he can easily distinguish between sense and nonsense. I always enjoy meetings and discussions with Yiannis as he always brings fresh and interesting ideas to any challenging situation
Maria Theofanopoulou
What does it really take to make a truly great tourism marketing professional? Knowledge, experienceg, passion, vision, ethics. A rare combination, right? Maybe, but that's exactly what I found in Yiannis Tsakalos a few years back, when my good fortunes made us cross paths and collaborate. As a fruit of this, we have an outstanding magazine - Electra, that is - to be proud of, many insightful and enlightening discussions to feel grateful for, and a new-found friendship to cherish. I am thankful and absolutely certain that the best is yet to come. Godspeed, my friend.
Yiorgos Tsiros
Head of Tourism Publications & Greece Is, Kathimerini SA
It is truly a unique experience to collaborate with such renowned professionals in the Marketing field. Yianis’ specialization in matters of communication and our actual collaboration, constituted a point of reference when it came to the upgrade of our services and concepts at Aegeo Spas. I know very well that he deals with each project that he takes with the same passion, and that is why success is considered as a given
Zacharias Chnaris
Head of Aegeo Spas Greece
Resourcefulness, thoroughness and attention to detail are only a few of the elements that characterize Yannis Tsakalos. He loves his work and he loves people, a precious element when it comes to what he has chosen to do. He is characterized by a vision on Tourism, exceptional knowledge of the environment - in particular the global one- and a close watch of all developments - to the extent that in many instances his commentary and references open up new pathways for us. I am thus certain that prospects are truly brilliant, for himself as well as for his contribution to Greek Business and Tourism.
Konstantinos Deriziotis
CEO KSD, Publisher Money and Tourism
We have collaborated with Yiannis Tsakalos for three years in, with honestly superb results. Yannis is a methodical professional, distinguished by the rare gift of seeing the big and the small picture at the same time - something that makes him unique in mid and long-term strategy. His passion for marketing is so great that makes collaboration with him above all a journey of constant achievements. He is recommended without any reservation for any collaboration possible
John Giannatos
CEO Panadvert
Professionalism, creativity, perception and strategic thinking, are just some of the characteristics of Yiannis Tsakalos, who together with his team, has supported in a substantial and always pro bono, the non-profit Wise Greece. It is our pleasure to have such partners by our side, with whom we share the same vision and work together for sustainability, solidarity and social contribution!
Melina Taprantzi
Founder Wise Greece